The "Space Challenge" unites young and less younger creators

Space Challenge | Paper Wings Challenge | Luxembourg 2017

We invite Luxembourg and the World to participate, young and old, to establish two all-time records:

  • folding as many flying objects within 32 hours
  • from as many nations as possible

two all-time records within 32 hours - let's have fun, be creative and beat the challenge!

Start: Monday, 11th of December, 09:00 o’clock

Stop: Tuesday, 12th of December, 17:00 o’clock

The Space Challengeaccompanies the cosmopolitan Luxembourg, its BEE CREATIVE movement and the December Makerfest highlight, open for everybody, at Forum Geesseknäppchen:

You can drop by and fold at Forum Geesseknäppchen or fold at home, in the office… and send a picture / video plus Nation to

All countries around the world are invited too! Let’s have fun, be creative and beat the challenge!
Working with environmental friendly or draft paper beats it all.